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Gillian Clark

Supporting Scientific Crew

Born and raised in Zimbabwe Africa currently living in Australia. At school, university and after I was a keen outdoors activity participant. Horse riding rowing swimming water sports all followed depending on the time of year. Photography was also an interest as a hobby. At school I helped run the student dark room and took a lot of the school event photos. As a veterinary student we often used to go camping at the Zambezi in the Mana pools game reserve where we would walk through the bush unguarded and unarmed how we never came to grief from either poachers or carnivores is probably more luck than anything else. As a cheapskate student, photography took a back seat then. After qualifying I went to work in a country practice where I was often out on farms with the cattle and a few farmers also had wild life which we saw from time to time. Vaccinating lions for cat flu and rabies, wild dogs for distemper and rabies and the odd surgical intervention on antelope. Annual holidays were taking often at Hwange game reserve in the north west at one of the remote camps taking photos and watching the game and birds. One year we were lucky to see and video a group of elephants playing in the Zambezi like kids in the pool, swimming ducking each other and diving. Growing up in Africa ingrains conservation in your brain and through diving and travelling to dive we try to keep watching and helping where we can.