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Göran Ehlmé

Deputy Expedition Leader

Göran, originated from Sweden, has planned and led many field trips to the polar areas, and was the first to lead diving expeditions to the Arctic and Antarctica. He has 24 years diving experience, is a certified PADI Instructor and has been diving the polar areas since 1993. He dives both open water and under the ice during summer and is particularly experienced with Walrus, Emperor Penguins and Leopard Seals. As an underwater cameraman Göran has been on assignment filming many documentaries for Animal Planet, BBC, Canal Plus and National Geographic. Göran won the overall award of the BBC’s Shell Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition with his image of a feeding Walrus underwater in North East Greenland. He has filmed Beluga, Narwhal, Seals, Walrus and other mammals in the Canadian Arctic, Greenland and Svalbard. In Antarctica, he filmed on Humpback and Minke whales and all members of the Seal family including the Leopard. He has also captured most penguin species, including Emperors, and many invertebrates on film. In the Azores (Faial & San Miguel) he spent four seasons diving with Sperm Whales, and since 1985 he has been diving with Orcas in Norway and became experienced with the whales themselves and the logistics and techniques involved in getting close to them. Göran’s footage has been used in numerous series and films.

His credits include:Emperor Penguins under water in the Hollywood Production “March of the Penguins” , 2006, Lord of the Ice, Leopard seals (Discovery/Saint Thomas Productions, 2003), What do the Walruses know? (SVT,DR, 2003), Wildlife Special-Killer Whales (BBC/Discovery, 2003), Hunt for the Red Whale, Killerwhales (Survival, 2003), Blue Planet – Frozen Seas (BBC/ Discovery, 2002, Narwhal, Walrus & Emperor penguins), Toothed Titans (National Geographic, 1999, feeding Walrus sequence), White whales & Narwhals chattering of Ghosts (Canal+, 1999), The Leopard Seal (Saint Thomas/Canal+, 1998), Avaq-The Arctic Toothwalker, Walrus (Scandinature), Svalbard-Where the Polar Bears Reign, Walruses (Scandinature). For his company, Waterproof International in Sweden, Göran is the head-designer. Göran is the cofounder of Waterproof Expeditions, the expedition facilitator of Elysium. As world’s expert on Polar Diving, Waterproof Expeditions organizes expeditions around the world focussing on pristine underwater ecosystems, nature and photography.