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Greg Holder


Greg is currently The Maldives Underwater Initiative’s (MUI) Guest Education Coordinator, running and developing the many different educational programs that MUI provide to guests and the local community.

Greg grew up with a huge passion for wildlife, but it wasn’t until he had had a few years as a personal trainer in London that he realized that he wanted wildlife and conservation to be the main focus of his career. After travelling and diving around the world for half a year, he trained up to become a scuba instructor and gained experience in professional diving and showing people the beauty of the underwater world in Tofo, Mozambique.

Following this, Greg joined a shark conservation organization as intern coordinator, developing their internship program and training up numerous interns on shark biology, as well as free diving for scientific research. During his time in South Africa, Greg also assisted with data collection for a research project studying pregnant spotted ragged tooth sharks.

When the pandemic forced Greg to return to England, he was determined to find a way to continue educating people on this important topic. Greg went on to give talks to schools and universities around the world on shark and marine conservation. During this time in the UK, Greg also became a certified National Geographic Educator, a Marine Mammal Medic and a Shark Guardian Educator and collaborated with Shark Guardian to develop a comprehensive online course on sharks. Greg’s overall goals are to reach as many people as possible to drive marine and global conservation to protect our wild spaces in the world and create a more habitable planet for us and all wildlife.