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Haiyun Zhang

Steering Committee Ambassador

Haiyun is the founder of Sky Ocean Media, Public Relations Director of International Center for Sustainable Development of G20 Young Entrepreneurs’ Alliance; Hong Kong Bai Xian Scholar; Curator of TEDx Shanghai & TEDx Dapuqiao with the focus on sustainability. She is also the Vice Curator of Shanghai Hub, Global Shaper Community of World Economic Forum, and is in charge of Davos events and conferences in Shanghai among the global youth as well as the Planet Net Zero project.

She also serves as the Development Director of the Oxford Chinese Society of Public Affairs and Relations. As G20 social influential talent, she provides strategy, community, and event consultancy to NGOs that focus on sustainability and tech for good for NPOs/NGOs, leading commercial organizations and the government such as OPPO, Capitaland, and the Ministry of Science and Technology of China.

She used to be an intern in the US Congress and served as a consultant to the Hillary campaign team, Harvard Economics Department, Stanford University Department of Psychology for consecutive international conferences. She was invited to participate in the 68th United Nations Human Rights Conference, the 66th United Nations General Assembly, the 68th The 2018 United Nations International Organization Conference on Strength and Sustainable Development, and other international conferences.