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Hillary Yifei O'Sullivan

Key Opinion Ambassador

Hillary is an accomplished young pianist from Singapore, and her musical journey began from the tender age of 3.

An 11x award-winning young pianist, she was recently awarded the single Brilliant Award in the Brilliant Talent Discovery Awards 2022, and was also awarded the Best Contemporary Pianist for her interpretation of Debussy’s piano works. Hillary garnered the Silver Award at the esteemed Singapore Raffles International Music Festival Piano Competition in 2021, and importantly, Gold Awards for the WPTA Piano Competition in 2019 and 2020.

Under the mentorship of Dr Kristian Tkaczewski in 2019, she performed in the Chopin Festival in Poland. In 2019, under the skilful guidance of Leonel Morales, she successfully performed at the International Festival of Music in Granada, Spain.

Driven by her passion in music and a desire to share classical piano music with young children like herself, she has travelled to remote islands and, surrounded by children and their parents, she performed in open air concerts to the sounds of nature. This includes a solo recital by the sea in North Sulawesi, Indonesia at the age of 7, and a special piano recital in 2019 on the sandbank
of Fenfushi Island, a local island in Maldives. On top of her overseas recitals, Hillary has been fortunate enough to participate in several high-profile musical events, including performances at Singapore’s iconic Esplanade Theatre.
In her spare time, Hillary indulges in her love for photography, which led to her 2018 photo-documentary on Youtube, Above the Sands, on the people of Bunaken, Indonesia. Hillary’s project allowed her to capture the essence of the
island’s inhabitants, and she interviewed villagers from all walks of life to gain a deeper understanding of their culture. Her experience led her to scuba dive, collect rubbish from the reef, and capture images of the natural environment,
both pristine and adversely affected by various types of pollution.

Hillary’s passion for the ocean goes beyond her interest in scuba diving and documenting marine life. She is also an advocate for ocean conservation and actively participates in beach cleanups and other environmental initiatives. Hillary firmly believes that through education and awareness, we can all take action to protect our oceans and preserve the delicate balance of our planet’s ecosystem.

Her commitment to environmental stewardship serves as an inspiration to others at her age, and highlights her dedication to making a positive impact in the world.