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James Clark

Supporting Scientific Crew

Born and raised in Zimbabwe in Africa. As a youngster I was always outside with my friends in the bush in the area we lived. School learning seemed a waste of time taking us away from our sport in the vleis and quarries. Our family had a small plot with every type of animal and we all used to help with them. My best fun was to ride my motorbike racing and enduro riding. I also enjoyed water sports skiing power boat racing and windsurfing. I was also lucky enough to participate in some game capture and relocation work at our local wildlife ranch while I was an apprentice. We got really close ups to the game and was a great experience. This gave me a different viewpoint on wildlife and conservation. It was always good to go out to the game parks and camp out watching the game and taking photos. We often spent hours in hides near water holes watching them go about their lives. Since moving to Australia and taking up diving I have seen another world open up and have the same passion and interest in that realm. It is good to be able to travel and dive and have the privilege of seeing a different world. Conservation and the maintenance of wildlife above and below the water is so important to our planet. We all need to take a good look at what we do in our lives and see the impact it has on other species that have as much right to live on earth as man does.