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Jicky Vogel

Production Assistant

Jicky Vogel who is of French & German nationality has benefited from her multicultural upbringing. She has used her multiple talents in the organization of multiple projects in France, the USA and South Africa.

For several years she has been running a project that she visualized and conceptualized with her business partner of many years Fabienne Korchia. Together they created an up market restaurant and bar for single people. The restaurant was linked to a website which made the concept unique and complete. This was situated in the heart of Paris They received multiple rave reviews from all mediums, – television broadcasting, press and radio both locally and internationally and Jicky established herself as one of the leading players in the single’s market.

For the past two years she has become involved in the real estate business, which has given her more opportunities to travel and partake in two of her passions, diving and underwater photography, worldwide. Jicky has been a diver for over two decades and a member of numerous environmental organizations.