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Joan Hillebrand Alexander


Joan is a veteran change leadership consultant and executive coach. Her key focus is working with senior leaders and technical experts in roles that require new skill-sets to make change happen in their organizations. Joan believes these same skills can be learned by climate change advocates to support the essential people-side of climate change. Otherwise, viable change and adaptation strategies may never be tried nor implemented. 

Joan sees her potential contribution to this work as helping climate change advocates and technical experts learn these change leadership approaches, essential to supporting smart risk-taking and adaptive change.

Joan has successfully worked for decades with senior leaders and their teams in governments, corporations and public education. Joan currently supports senior leaders in the US Federal government including agencies with significant responsibilities for implementing Federal climate targets.  Earlier in her career, she served as a leadership consultant to NOAA, several corporations, the Seattle, Washington School District and government agencies.  While living in the UK, she consulted on a change leadership project for British Aerospace and the BBC.  Later, Joan founded a successful non-profit that brought community coaching to at-risk high school students in Arizona

At this stage of her life, she is committed to connect, engage and empower the next generation of leaders to learn and practice the essential leadership skills required for positive change in these critical times. Joan lives in Denver, Colorado and has lived and worked in Seattle, Ohio, Florida, Arizona and London, UK. She earned her BS Degree from the University of Michigan, and is a certified professional coach.  

Along with her husband, Bart Alexander, she wishes to participate in this expedition to grow her knowledge, perspective, involvement and to contribute to intergenerational and international expertise in effecting climate action.