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Joanna Lentini

Contributing Photographer

Joanna has maintained a lifelong passion for the ocean, travel and photography, but it was only in 2009 when these three joined up for a true confluence of disciplines.  Having relocated from her US homeland to Hong Kong, Joanna left behind her entrepreneurial sales background to focus on conservation and sustainability issues.  The oceans came into deep focus for her.  From there, a near obsession for diving quickly followed, and Joanna soon took her camera beneath the waves.  In fact, she has had a camera in her hand since her very first dive and has never looked back.  Other land-based photo and media production work followed, however, Joanna’s heart had sunken below the sea, and she was committed to focusing her work there.

Now based in Europe, Joanna has dived in over a dozen countries across all hemispheres and received training from some of the world’s pre-eminent underwater photographers.  Despite her ongoing passion for dive travel and ocean photography, Joanna has found a way to satiate her underwater photography addiction through professional pool portrait and commercial work.  This endeavor has helped her stay balanced during her inevitable surface intervals, while also helping new generations to begin their own journeys beneath the surface.