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Karlee Schnyder


Karlee grew up in Southern California, spending summertime at the beach where her love for the ocean began. She has always been drawn to water either open-water swimming, kayaking or doing standup paddle, or in the ‘80’s and ‘90’s competing in Hawaiian outrigger canoe races. She has a broad academic and professional background in land planning and environmental mediation in California (Univ. California at Irvine, Social Ecology/Environmental Analysis), forming her systems-thinking perspective.

She became more involved in climate via the Climate Reality Project leadership program, and has worked in climate solutions advocacy, ocean plastic pollution awareness, soil advocacy, and more recently in food systems transformation, where she organises and mentors a network of dynamic youth involved in food systems. Karlee firmly believes that industrial-based animal agriculture and aquaculture are critical yet under-acknowledged drivers of climate and environmental breakdown — she and her family eat mostly plant-based, and she is advocating to transform this sector. She has two grown children and has lived in Switzerland with her Swiss husband since 2003. She loves travel, to learn and see other perspectives. 

She is enamoured with animals: they know a lot more than we do in many cases. She has worked with dogs at animal shelters, done animal-visit therapy with elderly folks, and has adopted older dogs. When not open-water swimming in the Lake of Geneva or doing climate advocacy or gardening, Karlee can be found hiking or walking with dogs in the forest.