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Locky Ge (Yang Fan)


Locky is a young entrepreneur dedicated to Australia-China cross-border payments and digital banking. He funded Royalpay, Australia’s leading cross-border payment service provider, in 2015 and is taking the role of Managing Director and CEO. During this time, he built a bridge between Australia and China to promote international travelling, trading and consumption in Australia. He successfully engaged with Tencent, Alibaba and JD as their Australian strategic business partner and assisted them in establishing and expanding businesses in Australia. RoyalPay received numerous awards in the Fintech and the compliance field. It had become the top player in the field, with millions of merchants and billions of dollars of turnover every year. Since 2018, Locky took the lead on the strategical upgrade of RoyalPay from a cross-border remitter toward becoming an Australian neo-bank. The cooperation with APRA in obtaining the banking license (restricted authorised deposit-taking institution license) has progressed well. The business name “RBank” had been registered with ASIC with permission from APRA.

Locky is also committed to corporate social responsibilities. During the 2020 pandemic, Locky led the company and promptly developed new business models to assist local Australian SMEs opening online businesses. He joined the G20 board in 2021 and is dedicated to helping the younger generation to become entrepreneurs and promoting CSR.

During the well-known Shanghai lockdown period, Locky took the lead with a group of entrepreneurs and travelled thousands of miles to Shanghai to become a volunteer. He committed significant time and resources to help Shanghai residents who ran into trouble.

Locky graduated from Monash University with a degree of Bachelor of Commerce. He worked in the Big Four accounting firms, investment banks, and Coca-Cola across various risk, finance, and corporate governance roles.