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Marlynda Elstgeest

Expedition Manager

Founder of Waterproof Expeditions

Marlynda was born and educated in the Netherlands. Travel and diving has always been her passion. Her first diving experience started in 1989. She has been diving ever since all over the world and is a qualified technical diver. At University her final year thesis was on Sustainable Tourism and she has pursued her passion through 15 years in the travel industry, specialising in marketing and PR, as well as direct operational management.

It is the polar regions that particularly capture Marlynda’s imagination. She is an expert in polar tourism and is contracted by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs to advise them on safe and environmentally responsible Antarctic tourism management. Since 2002, Marlynda has joined the Dutch Delegation to the annual Antarctic Treaty Consultative Meetings, where the 45 Antarctic Treaty Parties meet to provide for the international governance of the continent.

During the last decade, Marlynda has worked with Göran to develop the first ever commercial diving expeditions to the polar regions. Waterproof Expeditions is their joint venture and their aim is to provide unique and tailored diving, photography and nature expeditions, focusing on the experience of the natural beauty and diversity of unique environments, in- and above the oceans.