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Mary Ann Murphy


Mary Ann Murphy is a designer, entrepreneur, mother, and business owner. Hailing from the Midwest, Mary Ann got her start in fashion as a buyer at Bergdorf Goodman. She moved to Chicago where she started a successful interior design business. With a loyal client base on the West Coast, Mary Ann relocated to Los Angeles a decade and a half ago and has fully embraced the California ethos while not losing her Midwest charm.

Her latest business venture, the Iconic brand is thus an organic outgrowth of Mary Ann, her charismatic and dynamic approach to life, as well as her thirty plus years of design experience, working on some of the most well-known and iconic homes in the country. Her aesthetic is unparalleled, and her entire product line is imbued with the essence of her attention to detail and profound understanding of luxury and what it means to create a home.

An avid outdoorswoman, Mary Ann has a deep appreciation for the natural world. She founded a business dedicated solely to promoting sustainability in the luxury industry. In addition, she has committed countless hours and substantial resources to environmental
initiatives around the world including California beach clean-ups and a recent trip to Africa focusing on the water crisis in the Ufipa Peninsula and benefitting the Hanzuki organization.

Mary Ann has been a dedicated advocate for the underprivileged in her community, serving on the RAPE Foundation at UCLA Hospital for a decade. During COVID, she spearheaded a drive to deliver holiday meals to recently unemployed families. Mary Ann is committed to supporting the environmental community and delivers the message of giving back gracefully in all of her affairs.