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Max Maes

I’m Max, 14 years old. Recently I’ve been on nature trips with my family, and some other people (more like-minded and they respected my privacy) (Sea of Cortez, Dominica, Kona) and when in contact with marine life like whales I felt mutual interest.

As far as I can remember I’ve been fascinated with animals, mainly prehistoric and abyssal life. I like to do research on animals during my free time, mainly on the internet. I’d like to become a palaeontologist when I’m older to be able to feed my curiosity, interest.

If I want to reach my goal and become a palaeontologist, I feel like this experience could proof very useful. I’ll have to study biology or geology, and the global warming is an significant part of life as we know it. I hope the process can be reversed eventually, sometime, thanks to an effort of all of us.”