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Michael Maes

Film Crew

Originally from Belgium, Michael relocated to Grand Cayman in the Cayman Islands in 2008.
The call for nature, wildlife, the ocean was what attracted him and his family to this Caribbean pearl. Supported by his partner, Michael picked-up diving again in 2011. He got so passionate about it he first made it to Master Scuba Diver and later on he became a Scuba Instructor. Being overwhelmed by the beauty of the underwater world and inspired by both Ellen (an underwater photographer) and his (meanwhile) friends Howard and Michele Hall, one of the underwater cinema pioneers, Michael started filming his dives.

He soon got the hang of it and discovered many people liked his work. That’s when he decided to commit his time in creating awareness of the underwater world to the general public. Michael’s films have gotten various awards on international film festivals, thus helping to spread the word. His emphasis is showing the “land-world” the beauty of what lies beneath and its fragility. Currently he is working on and producing a documentary about shark conservation and awareness. Michael stresses we need to protect this wonderful environment, not only for our own sake but definitely for our children and their children…. for the future of this blue planet.