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Monica Wang Huan


Wang Huan is from Guangdong, China. She is eighteen years old and currently studying in Singapore. When she was in primary school, she took part in the performance of the Asian Games, which laid the foundation for her persistence in dancing for so many years. She has tried different kinds of dance, including Chinese dance, folk dance, Latin dance and figure skating. Because of her love for Chinese dance and folk dance, she also fell in love with Chinese traditional costume: Hanfu. She studies the history of Hanfu and takes photos of Hanfu in her spare time. Besides dancing, she also likes food research, surfing, wine and meditation. Recently, she discovered the problems of climate and environment. Human life has a great impact on the natural environment, which is one of the reasons why she is taking part in this expedition. She hopes to know more about the Earth where she lives and take part in the protection of Earth.