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Nicola Williams


Nicola is a regulatory project manager at the Environment Agency delivering environmentally enhancing projects. She graduated from the University of Leicester with BSc in Psychology. She had initially spent 8 years working in project management for the defence and aviation industry, before taking a sabbatical to work with NGOs worldwide to deliver impactful change projects. Nicola expanded her understanding of environmental issues by graduating from the University of Surrey with MSc degree in Sustainable Development, and shortly joined the Environment Agency as a Water Quality Environment Officer. A keen explorer, who loves challenging herself and meeting like-minded people, she has strong values and has dedicated her time to improve the environment and inspire others to follow. Nicola has experience volunteering with NGOs, citizen science groups, and with communities which have given her a deep sense and appreciation for life and the need to make significant changes. She devotes her time to working with communities, businesses, and government to ensure policy does the right thing for the environment, and ensure businesses understand their obligations and are held to account for their actions.