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Nur Tucker


Nur Tucker is a multi award winning British/Turkish underwater photographer. Some of her latest awards include the Master Photographer of the Competition for Ocean Geographic Pictures of the Year 2021, Most Promising British Underwater Photographer of the Year UPY 2020, Winner of United Nations World Oceans Day, Sea Scapes Category and many more. When her hair is dry she loves being with horses and taking their photos.

Nur spent more than two decades as in investment banker in London. Finally she called a halt to this hectic lifestyle, waving goodbye to the bulls and bears of finance, to engage with her true passion, photography – and some real animals. Having started with underwater photography some 20 years ago, over time Nur’s cameras entered the digital age and her expeditions became truly amphibious.

Nur loves nature and animals, but her love of horses is second to none. You will note some recurrent themes in her work – always water, horses (often near water) and stunning landscapes – hence the name of her website, “Equus and Aqua”.

On any given day you may find Nur shod in her longest wellies, plastered in mud and battling swarms of mosquitos, seeking that elusive perfect horse shot. A week later you’ll easily find a completely different (and cleaner) look, sporting a wetsuit and lugging her Subal housing and SCUBA gear. Either way, Nur always feels most connected with nature bubbling under metres of water or viewed from the back of a horse.

 Nur lives in London with her family. She is no less hectic than when she left the City, but is very definitely finally pursuing her dream.