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Saw Huat Seong

Chief Medical Officer

Dr Saw Huat Seong is an actively practising cardiothoracic (heart & lung) surgeon, having trained in Australia, London and New York. He hails from Malaysia from where he exited as Professor of Surgery at the University of Malaya, to set up home in Singapore.

In his capacity as a gifted teacher and surgeon, he is much sought after in the region. He has lectured, operated and helped set up heart unites in Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Bangladesh and China.

His interest in medicine does not confine him only in matters of the heart and lungs. Dr Saw is well-read in matters medical and is well-versed with preventive medicine, sports and emergency medicine and healthy lifestyles.

He has been awarded numerous accolades and honorary professorships in the medical arena.

Inspite of his busy schedule as a clinician, he has managed to find time to flirt with nature, trekking and photographing in the outbacks of countries like Australia, New Zealand, Nigeria, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Nepal, Thailand, China and Vietnam.