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Steve Nichol


Born in Dublin, Stephen completed his BSc. (Hons.) Zoology at University of Aberdeen in 1977, and his master in Oceanography at Southampton University, U.K. For his doctorate in 1984, his thesis was on swarming behaviour of North Atlantic krill. He have continued to work on krill ever since with post doctoral work in Canada and Cape Town, South Africa. Stephen joined the Australian Antarctic Division in 1987 to lead head up the krill research team and have participated in eight Antarctic cruises and have led four major research voyages to the Southern Ocean. He was acting Program Leader for the Biology Program from 1992-1995 and since 1999 he have been Program Leader for the Antarctic Marine Living Resources Program (later renamed the Southern Ocean Ecosystems Program) at the Australian Antarctic Division. His research interests include all aspects of the biology and ecology of krill, Antarctic fisheries, and the dynamics of Southern Ocean ecosystems. His is a member of Australia’s Delegation to the Commission for the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources (CCAMLR) since 1987 and have served as office holder in CCAMLR as well as in a number of international scientific organizations. He is also on the Steering Group of the Southern Ocean Global Ecosystem Dynamics (GLOBEC) and the Integrated Circumpolar Climate Interactions and Ecosystem Dynamics (ICED) Programs. He has published over 150 scientific papers and also wrote for Ocean Geographic.