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Todd Nugent


Todd Nugent’s work in science began at Fermilab, working with Nobel winner Jim Cronin investigating the fundamentals of time reversibility and elementary particle symmetries in CPT events. As funding priorities for such investigations shifted, Todd moved to Computer Science and became Director of Research and Adjunct Professor in Computer Science at the University of Chicago where he specialized in Systems and Networks and was involved in the creation of the Internet from the preceding Arpanet, CSNet and other networks. While continuing to teach Computer Science, Todd became a CIO at a law firm focused on public and private funding for parks, hospitals, geothermal facilities and other public works. Todd has traveled the world diving and photographing reefs and mountains like Everest while flying aircraft and drones.

Todd is certified in wildlife rescue and dabbles in pond ecosystems and stony coral reproduction. Todd is particularly interested in using every opportunity to nudge the Internet back towards the science and educational principles which were at the heart of its founding.