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Tyler Sacco


Tyler joined Charterhouse School in 2020 after immigrating to the United Kingdom from South Africa, where he attended St Johns college in Johannesburg. He is an avid sportsman and currently represents the first team at Charterhouse for tennis and hockey. Tyler, currently represents Winchester Hockey Club and Surrey county for hockey. He is currently studying Geography, English and Economics at an A-level standard after completing his 10 IGCSE subject tests last year. Tyler is about to complete his Silver Duke of Edinburgh award.

On a day-to-day level, Tyler is a loving brother to Riley and Luca and is a loving son to to his parents Casey and Patrick. Whilst he loves being at home with his family, he is loving being at Charterhouse boarding school. However, Tyler’s favourite activity is travelling the world, and this is where his passion for architecture, culture and nature was stimulated. Tyler‘s father, Patrick is an active member and Guardian of The Plum Foundation and is Tyler’s ambition is to get more involved with the foundational work. The Plum Foundation is helping communities and independent organizations around the world to strive for a change in action for sustainable development and ecosystems redevelopment. The next decade for the survival of out world and to allow future generations to sustain it is cruciel and at The Plum Foundation, they put their best efforts to support rewilding projects helping wilderness and ecosystems to recover and thrive again with their focus on restoring forests and protecting corals and the marine environment.