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Yann Bailey


Born and raised in Tahiti, Yann Bailey was inspired from an early age to pursue a career in the aviation industry, eventually earning a degree in Aeronautical Engineering from the University of Colorado. His ambitions later turned toward business and he completed an MBA at Keio Business School, after which his career took flight in investment banking and asset management, going on to work for the likes of Lehman Brothers, UBS and Goldman Sachs.

His path would later draw him home to Tahiti where his affinity for Polynesian culture, his passion sustainable tourism and his aptitude for solving complex problems—thanks to his engineering skillset and financial acumen—found their home in his father’s company at Pacific Beachcomber. In 2022 he rose to the helm as CEO, with a vision to further its mission for sustainable tourism through technological advancement and sound business practice.

A devoted husband and father, Yann enjoys spending time outside of work in the nature of Tahiti with his wife and two children.