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YewKuan Cheong


Cheong Yew Kuan is an architect born in Malaysia, trained in Singapore and practising around the world. Living in Bali for the past 20 years, his life and work has been greatly influenced by the natural beauty and spirituality of the island. Living on the edge of a gorge on the sacred river Ayung, he has also borne witness to the impact of progress and of development on such natural areas, and is acutely aware of the necessity of balancing progress with sensitive development to avoid further degradation of life and land. Projects such as high-end hotels also brings him to the islands of the Seychelles and Palau and the landlocked kingdom of Bhutan where enlightened policies have proven resilient against the onslaught of money and tourism.

Back in Bali, Kuan spends much time in the ocean free-diving and in his other happy place, the kitchen. An adjacent farm produces organic produce for foodie endeavours as well as vanilla pods, a new passion and source for sweet experiments.