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Yimar Yu


Yimar Yu is the founder of a non-profit organization and a promoter of gender equality. She is a Shaper in World Economic Forum Global Shapers Community, Member of Horizon Global Youth Development Program, Tsinghua University and Honorary Mentee of Global Elite Eagle Practice Growth Program, Zhejiang University. She is passionate about environmental protection, climate change and gender equality.

As a research intern of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, she has participated in many research on environmental ecology, animal protection, economic development and other issues, published relevant paper in the English journal Global Ecology and Conservation. During her internship in the EU, she participated in global issues such as environmental protection, climate change, economy,science and technology and epidemic response. She also participated in the curation and initiative of vulnerable children at the United Nations. As a curator of TED x Dapuqiao, she collaborated on TED circular economy related offline activities.

In 2020, Yimar founded Against Violence to Overseas Chinese Women Program (or Avoice, for short) in Belgium. Avoice is a non-profit organization committed to eliminating gender-based violence, promoting gender equality, and providing adequate and sustainable protection and assistance for overseas Chinese women threatened by domestic violence. Under her leadership, great achievements were made from 2020 to 2022, including helping 1000+ women in different countries, conducting domestic violence related research in 15 nations with 28 research papers produced, raising awareness of domestic violence, and establishing cooperation with 400+ overseas partners and hundreds of experts from different fields.